Phase 1   Product has been submitted and is pending initial review by the chairman of the committee.
Phase 2   The product is under preliminary review by appropriate sections(s)/Division(s) and awaiting recommendations(s) to the chair from the appropriate section(s)/division(s). Minimal study of available literature is necessary at this stage.
Phase 3   Product is under detailed laboratory and/or literature review by the New Product Review Committee.
Phase 4   Product has been approved for experimental use by the New Product Review Committee. The product may be used on a limited basis; however, change orders must be submitted and approved prior to use of the product. The product will be monitored for performance for two years, but the performance period may be changed depending on the type of product and susceptibility to weathering. If the product performs poorly and poses a safety risk, the product may be removed before scheduled replacement.
Phase 5   The product has been approved for use by the New Products Review Committee. The contractor must have the product approved by the KYTC and the Federal Highway Administration (if applicable) prior to use of the product on a project. Standard Specifications or Special Notes are being developed for this type of material/product.
Phase 6   Current specifications exist for this type of product. It may be requested that the manufacturer submit samples, NTPEP test data, and/or provide requested information to have the product approved and placed on the List of Approved Materials (if applicable).
Phase 7   Product has been sent the New Product Review Committee for final approval consideration.
Phase 8   Not a product to be evaluated by the New Products Review Committee.
Phase 9   Specifications exist for product however, there is no List of Approved Materials for this type of product at this time. Product may be used provided it meets the required specification or special condition(s) listed.
Phase 10   Product has been approved and specifications or special note exists.
Phase 11   Product is approved for use however there is no KYTC specification or special note. Product must meet manufacturer specifications and must have KYTC approval before use.
Phase 12   Product has been experimentally approved previously and is currently under evaluation on select projects. Not permitted on future projects until field evaluations are complete.
Phase 13   Product not approved for use in Kentucky highway or bridge construction.